Momiji Honjin

A souvenir shop and restaurant located
at the entrance to Miyajima

photo: Momiji Honjin shop appearance
signboard: Miyajima-guchi Momiji Honjin
Located in front of Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajima-guchi Station and a 5 minutes walk from JR Miyajima Station. You can buy food and souvenirs at this convenient shop which serves as a gateway to Miyajima. Be sure to stop by when visiting Miyajima.


photo: Kumano brushes Kumano brushes

Kumano brushes are a nationally designated traditional craft. These brushes of incredible quality have become wildly popular to world over as makeup brushes. Makes a perfect gift for a woman.

photo: Crafts made using tatami mat edge coverings Crafts made using tatami mat edge coverings

Tatamiberi are cloth coverings placed along the long sides of tatami mats to reinforce them. The fabrics are popular for the unique materials used to make them and their distinctive Japanese patterns. Crafts made with these edge coverings include hair bands, barrettes, and pouches.

photo: Picture postcards Picture postcards

Picture postcards of Hiroshima and Miyajima are available for sale. Why not bring back a card depicting The O-toriiGrand Torii Gate or with instructions on how to make Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki as a small gift for your friends back home?

photo: Matcha momiji manju Matcha momiji manju

A delicious bun made with a hefty helping of the highest quality matcha powdered green tea. Momiji manju are a specialty from Hiroshima, and extravagant amounts of the high class matcha is kneaded into the dough of these moist steamed buns to make Match momiji manju. The vivid matcha color and plump red bean paste filling make this flavorful treat a real gem.

Momiji Honjin is packed with the wonders of Hiroshima and Miyajima.

In addition to perennial favorites like momiji manju steamed buns and shakushi bamboo ladles, Momiji Honjin carries a wide range of products such as world-famous Kumano makeup brushes, picture postcards depicting the sites of Hiroshima and Miyajima, and Miyajima-themed keychains.

Momiji Honjin also offers ATMs which accept cards issued outside Japan and accepts payment by major credit cards such as Visa and UnionPay.

Duty-free shopping available. Please check here (PDF) to learn more about duty-free purchases.

Tax Free

Hours 8:40 am-5:30 pm


photo: Nigiri sushi gozen Nigiri sushi gozen


photo: Katsudon Katsujupork cutlet on rice


photo: Okonomiyaki Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima is famous for its okonomiyaki.

A wheat-based dough fried with vegetables, meats, and noodles and covered with a rich sauce. You’ll want to eat it again and again.

photo: Anagomeshi Anagomeshi

A local dish from the Seto Inland Straight region.

Slow-grilled garden eel coated in a sweet sauce and served over rice. The sauce from the eel seeps into the rice, creating a delicious combination.

photo: Yakigaki Yakigaki

Hiroshima Prefecture boasts the largest hauls of oysters in Japan.

Big oysters grilled in the shell on your order. The rich flavor of the sea will fill your mouth with every bite.

photo: Momiman soft serve ice cream Momiman soft serve ice cream

Lovingly prepared Miyajima momiji manju steam bun-flavored soft serve ice cream garnished with a cookie in the shape of a wooden rice scoop. Why not have some for dessert?

Enjoy the unique specialties of Hiroshima during your visit to Miyajima

photo: Itsukushima Shrine
Itsukushima Shrine
photo: The summit of Mt. Misen
The summit of Mt. Misen

Momiji Honjin is packed with the edible delights of Hiroshima and Miyajima.

Momiji Honjin’s restaurant includes tatami-style seating with sunken tables where you can relax and enjoy dishes unsparingly made with the bounties of the Seto Inland Sea and other light meals such as tempura, sashimi, katsudon, ramen, and udon.

In addition, a veritable parade of recommended selections are on offer, including piping hot okonomiyaki fresh off the frying table, plump grilled oysters, unique soft serve ice cream, and grilled garden eel over rice (also makes a great souvenir). Momiji Honjin is also adjoined by a dedicated coffee shop wafting with rich, roasted aromas. Momiji Honjin makes a great place to take a break during your exploration of Miyajima as well.


photo: currency exchange machine
Foreign Currencies → Japanese Yen
Operating Hour
Everyday8:40 - 21:30

Foreign Currencies → Japanese Yen

16 currencies
  • United States Dollar
  • euro
  • 대한민국 원
  • 人民币
  • 新加坡元
  • บาตร
  • 港元
  • 台湾元
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Canadian dollar
  • pound sterling
  • Schweizer Franken
  • svensk krona
  • dansk krone
  • norsk krone


Get cash

The limit per withdrawal from Seven Bank ATMs is 100,000 yen.
The limit for magnetic strip card transactions is 30,000 yen.

International Card

  • VISA
  • PLUS
  • mastercard
  • maestro
  • cirrus
  • UnionPay 中国銀聯
  • JCB
  • Diners Club

Some cards with these marks may not be accepted.

The ATM screen and the receipt are available in twelve languages.

12 languages
  • 日本語
  • English
  • 简体中文
  • 繁體中文
  • 한국
  • ไทย
  • Malay
  • Indonesia
  • tiếng việt
  • français
  • Deutsch
  • português


Traveling by train

From Hiroshima Station
Leave JR Hiroshima Station via the exit for regular train lines and go to Hiroshima Electric Railway Station immediately in front. Ride the Hiroden Miyajima Line 2 from for approximately 70 minutes and get off at Hiroden-miyajima-guchi Station. Momiji Honjin is approximately a 1 minute walk away.
Ride the JR Sanyo Main Line bound for Iwakuni from JR Hiroshima Station approximately 25 minutes and get off at JR Miyajimaguchi Station. Momiji Honjin is approximately 5 minutes walk away.
    1. Hiroden
      Hiroshima Station
      Hiroden Miyajima LineApprox. 70 min.
    2. Hiroden
      Miyajima-guchi Station
      Approx. 1 min. walk
    3. Miyajima-guchi-momijihonjin
    1. JR
      Hiroshima Station
      JR Sanyo Main LineApprox. 25 min.
    2. JR Sanyo Main Line Miyajimaguchi Station
      Approx. 5 min. walk
    3. Miyajima-guchi Momiji Honjin

Please purchase train tickets at Miyajimaguchi Station.